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Platinum cybersecurity is a young company but with many years of proven experience in more than 20 years of projects. The training and seniority of our team is our value.

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Alberto Padin - CEO Platinum ciber-seguridad

Alberto Padin

Cecilia Oriolo - COO Platinum ciber-seguridad

Cecilia Oriolo

Carlos Benitez - CTO Platinum ciber-seguridad

Carlos Benitez



Alejandro Diaschi - Staff Platinum ciber-seguridad

Alejandro Diaschi

Technology consultant
Ricardo Nicolao - Staff Platinum ciber-seguridad

Ricardo Nicolao

Cyber security consultant

Juan Ignacio Fernandez Devita

Risk analyst

Nelson Requis

Soc analyst
Luciana Bertinotti - Platinum ciberseguridad

Luciana Bertinotti

Sales and marketing assistant

María del Carmen Nieves

Cyber security consultant

Martina Vieyra

Risk consultant
Danilo Nuñez - Platinum ciberseguridad

Danilo Nunes

Cyber security consultant

Alexander Quispe

Cyber security consultant
Zonaya Ruiz - Platinum ciberseguridad

Zonaya Ruiz

Functional Safety Analyst Sr
Marianela Gramuglia - Platinum ciberseguridad

Marianela Gramuglia

Administration and finance
Valeria Pla - Platinumciber

Valeria Cecilia Plá

Project Manager

We offer knowledge and experience in different industries and fields through our consolidated multidisciplinary team.We provide technical and management consulting services.

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