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Platinum Ciber is a young company but with many years of proven experience in more than 20 years of projects. The training and seniority of our team is our value.

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Our mission is to protect our clients and their information systems against cyber threats and cyber risks.
We thus offer comprehensive information security solutions that protect systems, data and digital assets.
We offer high quality services, technology and advanced strategies to prevent, detect and respond to cyber attacks.
We provide peace of mind and confidence to our clients by securing their digital environment and strengthening their resilience against constant malicious attacks.


Our vision is to build a safer and more secure digital world, where cyber threats are effectively mitigated.
We work to be recognized as leaders in the field of information security and build bonds of trust with our clients by providing cutting-edge solutions and first-class services on a global level.


Commitment: The Client and the security of their data and systems is our highest priority.
This means an unwavering commitment to protecting our Clients' information. We apply discipline in all our projects, setting standards, objectives and processes, complying with all of them in a timely manner.

Integrity: Integrity is essential in Cybersecurity. Platinum is committed to being honest, ethical, respectful and transparent in all its operations.

Continuous Innovation: Technology and threats constantly evolve in the field of cybersecurity, which is why at Platinum innovation is valued and applied to the development of our own products, customer service processes and internal processes.

Quality and Excellence: Excellence in the provision of services and products is key for us. Therefore, our greatest value is always maintaining high standards of service and customer service, at all times. Teamwork is essential in achieving Quality and Excellence, a joint effort ensures empathy with the client's needs.

Adaptability and Proactivity: Cyber threats are constantly changing, which is why Platinum is an adaptable and proactive company that is willing to change its strategies and technologies based on the needs of the market and our clients.
We assume proactive attitudes towards the challenges that our clients pose to us, always proposing creative, innovative solutions adapted to each problem.

We offer knowledge and experience in different industries and fields through our consolidated multidisciplinary team.We provide technical and management consulting services.

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