We added one of the most advanced cyber security suites from one of the top notable vendors in the market.

Data Protection



CDN, Website Security, DDoS Protection, Load Balancing.  Incapsula provides a robust protection through its WAF, providing dual-factor access control and bots protection. Imperva's exclusive technology provides proactive protection due to new threats permanent analysis and adding  rules in near real time. Incapsula also incorporates one of the most effective DDoS protection mechanisms, the only one with local points of presence in Argentina.


Protects sensitive data from exposure in non-production environments. Imperva Camouflage pseudonymizes and anonymizes sensitive data via data masking so you can safely use de-identified data in development, testing, data warehouses, and analytical data stores. Provides compliance with privacy and data protection regulations such as PCI, HIPAA, GDPR, etc.


Imperva SecureSphere Web Application Firewall analyzes access to business-critical web applications of all users and protects applications and data from cyber attacks. SecureSphere Web Application Firewall dynamically learns "normal" application behavior and correlates it with threat intelligence from around the world, updating itself in real time to provide superior protection.

Database Security

Imperva SecureSphere Database Firewall provides a database monitoring and audit, identifies and prioritizes risks, and presents a clear picture of discovered and stopped risks. Discovery and classification help of confidential databases and data. Finds and remediates database and system vulnerabilities. Identifies excessive user permissions and inactive users. Alerts, quarantines, and blocks in real time database attacks and unauthorized activity.

File Security

SecureSphere File Security protects unstructured data from Ransomware attacks and internal threats. Also offers real-time monitoring and analysis of file access behavior. It provides visibility into who, what, when, where, and how accessed files, delivering alerts when suspicious behavior is detected.


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