Vulnerability Management

We offer vulnerability assessment and penetration test.

" We use world class tools and the experience of our team."


We identify all IT assets that are likely to have vulnerabilities so that they can be managed efficiently. We identify vulnerabilities on defined assets, both automatically and manually.


If the company performed a Risk Analysis (for example throughour R-Box tool), specifically identifies the assets with the highest level of risk.
This makes it possible to determine the vulnerabilities of the assets that need immediate treatment, and those that can be programmed for later.


We assist those responsible by providing recommendations for the ef- fective mitigation of vulnerabilities present in the systems, so that they are no longer a gateway to cyber threats. We advise on countermea- sures to apply, including cases where there are no patches provided by their manufacturers.

Change Management

We assist in the identification of changes in the technological infra- structure that can both add to and eliminate system vulnerabilities.

Patch Management

We help manage the implementation of patches present or created by different vendors for published vulnerabilities.

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