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Seguridad en app

The customer chooses not to give any information about the systems to be verified, so the team must initially explore, find and identify possible targets related to the company or business to be analyzed. Afterwards, the technical team searches for vulnerabilities and/or exploits them, in exactly the same way as an external attacker unknown to the company would. The advantage of this modality is that it is the closest to reality, but its disadvantage is that the duration of the project is necessarily longer.

The technical team has all the information about the environment, interface, connectivity equipment, etc., in order to drastically shorten project times.

This modality is the most used for Code Analysis in which the complete source code of the application is delivered for analysis.

It is an intermediate between Black Box and White Box, i.e. the company provides part of the technical information to the team that will carry out the project.

This modality is similar to what an attacker would do who knows part of the targeted company, for example, an ex-employee.

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