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Our solution for the Analysis and Management of Cyber Risks. It has multiple facilities in various industries in Argentina. RBox offers robust IT Risk, Standards Compliance and Asset Inventory calculations.

IBM QRadar

IBM QRadar® provides security teams with constant and intelligent information to detect and prioritize potential threats, thus speeding up security operational processes and reducing the impact of incidents.

IBM Guardium

IBM Security Guardium® makes it easy for you to take a more comprehensive and intelligent approach to protecting critical data wherever it resides. This powerful platform offers actionable insights for vulnerability analysis and risk assessment, encryption and blocking; and many more features.

IBM Open Pages

Simplify the way you manage risk and compliance with a unified GRC platform powered by AI and all your data
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The use of KnowBe4 allows to complete the training, drastically decrease the propensity to phishing by users, even guaranteeing the total security of not falling into ransomware. The complete solution consists of two components, the KnowBe4 platform and Platinum Ciber consulting for various implementation and customization tasks.


FortiEDR is one of the most modern endpoint protection tools, adding services for installation and configuration for initial training as well as remote monitoring.
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Cynet XDR prevents and detects threats on endpoints, networks, and users and triggers for each identified threat an automated investigation flow that reveals the attack’s scope and root cause and applies automated remediation. The 24×7 MDR team continuously monitors and optimizes this process to maintain top quality and precision.


Keyfactor Command is the only solution that offers integrated PKI as-a-Service and certificate lifecycle automation on a single cloud platform.

We offer knowledge and experience in different industries and fields through our consolidated multidisciplinary team.We provide technical and management consulting services.

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