Human capital services

We incorporate an exclusive service for the needs of cybersecurity resources in your company

Our extensive experience in projects of different types and industries, allows us to incorporate a new service that guarantees our clients access to exclusive cybersecurity profiles with knowledge and applicability in different activities in the area, such as: cybersecurity applied to technology, auditing, compliance, document management, etc.

Offers and Modalities

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Human Capital Offer

  • Exclusive cybersecurity resources
  • Cybersecurity resources in service format
  • Cybersecurity team
  • Resources for remote assistance


  • In client’s office
  • At Platinum Ciber offices
  • Combined format between Client offices and Platinum Ciber
  • Pool of hours hired by team, exclusive resources or service
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In addition to this proposal, the management management that Platinum Ciber develops for all its projects with an active presence in them and the fulfillment of goals of the resources in them.

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We offer knowledge and experience in different industries and fields through our consolidated multidisciplinary team.We provide technical and management consulting services.

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