Cyber Value at Risk

Analysis and Valuation of Cyber ​​Impact

"We have the methodology and tools for recommending the treatment of diagnosed risk."

Loss Handling & Adjusting

Specific claim handling & adjusting experience with losses of varied type and size (from standard to Large & Complex) under Cyber Risks and related policies.

Underwriting support (including Proposal Forms and Policy wordings)

Cyber risks have complexities inherent to their novelty, technical specificity, continuous and rapid evolution, which generate considerable challenges for the insurance market, particularly in drafting insurance proposal forms and policies.

Forensic Analysis

Highly experienced in forensic analysis of cyber-security incidents, aimed at determining, inter alia, their causes and resulting consequences.

Marketing/Commercial strategic support

Cyber insurance is a relatively new product (especially in Latin America), in a complex and changing environment. Market penetration is therefore not straightforward.

Data Recovery

We assist the Insured in recovering (whenever technically feasible) compromised functions, systems and data in the most efficient manner possible.

Training and awareness

Training and briefs are given to different players of us to assist and support Underwriters in improving the content of forms and wordings, in order to avoid unwanted outcomes in a loss scenario.

Breach response services

FNOL receipt and handling (24/7/365), including triaging and coaching, initial mitigation tasks, full incident management, in-depth investigation, solution plan design and implementation, follow-up tasks, communication with relevant parties through the process, policy cover analysis/framing.

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