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We cover the entire risk management cycle, so that it can be inserted into a continuous IT risk reduction process.

"We using standards such as ISO27002, BCRA, GDPR, NIST-800-53, etc."


The GRC model (Governance, Risk and Compliance) is used in organizations in order to manage them efficiently and effectively, taking into account the three components of the model so as to identify the source of a problem and alternative solutions: Taking into account the initiatives of corporate governments related to the high administration of the organization; considering the control on the part of the high management that allows to manage of effective form the risks, so much strategic as operative defining and implementing the countermeasures to mitigate them; and complementing the previous activities with the regulatory requirements (already be legal or of internal norms) that must be fulfilled obligatorily.








We use R-Box, a Information Security Management oriented tool to align information security with the business, through risk analysis and management, compliance with regulations, business continuity, etc.
The functionality of R-Box is built through modules, which provide different benefits according to the needs of each organization. The solution includes international methodologies such as MAGERIT, ISO 27005, NIST 800-53, etc.

The IBM OpenPages GRC Platform provides a modular platform for basic GRC functions, enabling you to deploy scalable solutions to manage compliance and risk across the enterprise. Designed to increase productivity and overall efficiency, OpenPages GRC Platform supports an agile implementation to accelerate value generation.

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