Blockchain Security

We advise you so that your projects on the blockchain are safe (intelligent contracts, crypto currencies, workflows, etc.), correcting the vulnerabilities from its logic to its implementation.

Blockchain is a technology that has multiple implementations, the most common being that of crypto currencies. Although from the design the technology is safe, the purses where the crypto coins are stored are the ones that have been violated and it is expected that if the use of the crypto coins continues with its apogee, the attacks to the purses will increase more and more.

On the other hand, the blockchain has other applications, like for example the intelligent contracts that allow the execution of steps of a contract in automatic form as certain steps are fulfilled.



The applications developed for Blockchain in- trinsically carry security concepts and technology that allows full trust in the information stored in it. However, it is possible to develop these applications incorrectly and introduce vulnerabilities that bypass intrinsic security.

In order to evaluate the Blockchain technolgies to be implemented, we advise on the choice of technology and the analysis of possible security problems that may arise. Besides this, we carry out the analysis of the source code of the intelligent contracts that are developed as well as evaluate the technical vulnerabilities that may exist in the systems that support Blockchain.

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