Safety Assessment

At Platinum Ciber we provide a cybersecurity assessment based on Threat Modeling

It covers both the components of the technological infrastructure and the security processes of organizations, generating an integrated vision of threats.

The project consists of the survey of part of the asset map, the threat modeling and its verification, both of the countermeasures and of the security requirements. Based on this information, we prepare for the client a map of the company's cybersecurity status, as well as recommendations to reduce the possible impacts of threats.

With this service, the client will be able to expeditiously have a diagnosis of the cybersecurity state of their organization and a set of recommendations to take immediately, causing a decrease in their most prominent cyber-risks. In a second stage, the analysis can be deepen thus obtaining more layers of security that protect your organization from possible incidents.

At Platinum Ciber we continue to incorporate innovation in services to bring the highest cybersecurity standards to your company

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